VIDEO:  Tip Of My Tongue

The official video for “Tip Of My Tongue”, from the Sun Puritáe EP — A special thanks to Blumars Media for helping make this video happen!

WojoMusicOfficial “Wojo Mix” Playlist

WojoMusicOfficial “WojoMix” Playlist

Wojo – “All Along” [Acoustic]

Wojo – “Volcano” (Damien Rice cover) [Acoustic]

Wojo – “Shimmer” (Fuel cover) [Acoustic]

Wojo & Co. – “Airplanes” [Feat. Jesse Young

Wojo – “Tip Of My Tongue” [Acoustic]

Wojo – “Thrift Shop” (Mackelmore Cover) [Acoustic]

Wojo – “Splinters” (feat. Nathan Baldwin) [Acoustic]

Wojo – “The A Team” (Ed Sheeran cover) [Acoustic]